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Google Adds Quick Links To IMDB, Auto TV Search Filters & Stars To Local Results

The Google Blog announced a few new small Google search features added this week. They include quick links to the IMDB results, showing a TV filter for some TV show queries and adding stars to the local web search results.

(1) IMDB.com results in Google now get “directed by” and “starring” quick links that anchor users down to the relevant information when clicked from on Google’s search results page:

IMDB Quick Links

(2) When you search for TV shows and episodes, Google will now more often show the episodes filter. Let me be clear, the filter is not new, but Google is saying it will now show up for more TV shows. Google specifically mentioned Fox shows, amongst others.

Google TV Search

(3) Google has a way to “star” web search results. Now Google expanded that to the local results shown on the Google web search results. Here is a picture:

Google Search Local Stars

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