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Google+ Adds Popular Stories, Post Analytics, Photo Filter Kits & Begins Supporting Google Apps

Today Google announced a flurry of new features for its fledgling social network, Google+.  The new additions include popular content on Google+, analytics for public shares called “Google+ Ripples,”  creative kits for photos and accounts for Google Apps users.  Here’s a bit of info on each of the new items:

“What’s Hot” – Popular Content On Google+

Google’s new “What’s Hot” feature brings popular information from around Google+ to all users.  This new feature will help those who are tired of scrolling through their circles to discover good information.  “What’s Hot” will be found on 2 different places on Google+, underneath your new posts and as a standalone stream on on the left hand rail of Google+.  Within “What’s Hot” users will be able to see highly shared and plussed posts and will be able to directly add others to their Google+ circles.  Here is “What’s Hot” in action:

Google+ Ripples

Want to know how a post was shared on Google+?  Users will now be able to view the sharing data of public posts on Google+ with “Google+ Ripples.”  This data is displayed in a striking format as you will be able to click on any post and explore the virality of a post down to each individual user.  A quick look at Google+ Ripples can be seen here:

Creative Kit For Google+ Photos

While Facebook has been planning “Instagram-esque” filters for photos, Google+ is launching an in-depth filter and effects engine.  Filters can be applied along with text and images that have the ability to be added directly to an image and saved.  This could be a strong feature for less tech-savvy users, as the creative kit could act as a very light version of Photoshop:

Google+ Finally Available For Apps Users

We covered the announcement of Google+ for Google Apps last week and the integration has finally come.   Detailed instructions show Google App administrators how exactly to enable this service.  Google+ can be enabled for the entire domain, or for specific users.

A full list of Google+ rollout tips can also be found in the Google support section and the official Google post can be found here.

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