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Gmail Search Field Trial Adds Calendar Results To Google Search


Google keeps increasing the amount of information it will show from your Gmail account within your Google searches, if you’re part of the Gmail Search Field Trial. The latest addition? Your calendar results.

The idea is that if you do a search, you’ll see matching information from your calendar showing within Google’s search results, when it’s relevant.

For example, Google shared this screenshot showing matches appearing in a search for “what is on my calendar today:”

Google Calendar in GmailI’m in the field trial and couldn’t get this to trigger at all, so perhaps it’s still rolling out. I’ll be playing with it more.

Calendar results join matches from events booked through places like Ticketmaster, EventBrite or reservations with OpenTable that were added in December. December also saw the addition of the ability to find orders placed with select merchants.

In October, Google Drive matches were added. And, of course, you can find matching Gmail messages, from which the program takes its name from, when the Gmail Search Field Trial was launched in August.

Remember, this information only appears for you in your personalized search results. Others can’t see the same information. And it only appears if you’re signed-up for the trial, which you can learn more about here.

Finally, just a strange oddity. While this is still called the “Gmail Search Field Trial,” it has moved well past Gmail, at this point. Even if you have nothing in your Gmail account, the service now pulls data out from your Google Drive and Google Calendar accounts, as noted. Potentially, that might expand further to things like Google Voice and other products. And eventually, the program’s name itself may catch up with what it really covers.

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