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Gazopa Adds Stock Photos To Image Search Engine

Gazopa recently added stock photos to its image search engine. That isn’t exactly huge news in and of itself, but the interesting thing about Gazopa is the multiple ways you can search for images.

The company has added a “stock photo” tab on its search results page, so a keyword search for office furniture and a click on that tab brings up results like this.


But it’s not just about keyword search. With Gazopa, you have two other search options: upload an image or draw an image. In either case, Gazopa can now search for stock photos based on those prompts, too.

At the moment, the stock photos are all coming from Shutterstock, but Gazopa says it will add new sources to its database soon.

The image search engine has launched a couple other interesting projects within the past year: GazoPa Style is an image search engine dedicated to fashion products that also allows you to upload photos and search for similar items, and GazoPa Answers is a Q&A site based on images. (Think “What kind of bird is this?” and questions like that.)

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