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Foursquare Sets Super Record During Big Game

Twitter wasn’t the only social media platform that recorded super levels of activity associated with the big game last weekend. Local check-in player Foursquare says it saw 200,000 check-ins, making this year’s Super Bowl the most checked-into venue ever for the company.

Green Bay Packers fans showed greater check-in activity than their rival Steelers supporters throughout the game. Foursquare recorded check-ins from all 50 states in the United States, and from 125 different countries, including 13 check-ins from the Vatican.

Image courtesy Twitter

The company acknowledged that its “trending” server, which highlights popular venues for users, had some difficulty keeping pace with the high levels of traffic.

Foursquare had some incentive to make participation robust. As part of its partnership with the NFL, Foursquare created badges that fans could earn by shouting “Go Steelers” or “Go Packers” as part of their check-ins. Only those actually in proximity of the stadium could unlock the Super Bowl badge. Those that unlocked the badges were able to get a 20% discount on merchandise at NFLShop.com.

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