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First Promoted Twitter Trend For Toy Story 3 Aims To Infinity And Beyond!

Earlier today several people noticed a “Promoted Trend” in trending topics on Twitter. For those who haven’t already seen it, here’s what it looks like:

It appears at the bottom of the trending list; and it’s there regardless of whether you’re looking at global or local trending topics. We’ve asked for comment from Twitter.

A Twitter spokesperson pointed me to the FAQs on Promoted Tweets, which say the following:

Like Trending Topics, Promoted Trends are already trending on Twitter but haven’t yet made their way into the Trending Topics list. Promoted Trends are clearly marked as “Promoted.” If a topic isn’t already being talked about on Twitter, it cannot be a Promoted Trend.

When you click through you go to the stream of tweets about Toy Story 3. The Promoted Tweet appears at the top of the page followed by others discussing the movie:

The ad seems to have been retweeted, probably because of its novelty, more than 100 times.

If you click on the “promoted by Disney-Pixar” yellow button it takes you to the Promoted Tweets FAQs. If you click on the Disneyticketstogether.com link it goes to the Facebook site where Disney is selling tickets to showings of Toy Story 3.

This is going to be a very effective social media promotion for Pixar — there will be lots of coverage and discussion — even though the film already has huge visibility and, dare I say it . . . “Buzz.”

For more about promoted tweets, see our past article, The Twitter Search Revolution: Popular & Promoted Tweets Mature The Service.

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