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Bing Finally Getting Facebook "Liked Results"

Earlier this month, Bing announced a new deal with Facebook, where it would be showing you what your Facebook friends liked within search results. People are now reporting seeing the personalization appearing.

Bing originally said the new feature was rolling out in the US when it launched on October 13 and that it would be going live worldwide over a period of months. However, no one seemed to actually spot it live and in the wild.

Today, at least once person did see it. The user who spotted this was a bit taken back, saying, “How in the world did Bing get the right to snap up my profile and use it on their website?” Yes, that is part of the Bing/Facebook deal – you are automatically opted in to the Bing Facebook “app” and you must manually turn it off to not have the Bing / Facebook integration.

I personally do not see it, but you may. To try this yourself, make sure you are logged into Facebook and then go to Bing and search for something that your friends might find interesting. If you see a little drop down menu at the top right of the Bing search results page, then you have the Bing/Facebook integration.

The drop down menu would say, “Hi [insert your first name here], Bing just got better with your Facebook friends.”

And then you might see a special “Liked by your friends” box on the Bing search results. Here is a picture of the drop down:


Yes, you can disable it by clicking “disable” or clicking on this link.

For more on how this all works, see Bing, Now With Extra Facebook: See What Your Friends Like & People Search Results.

Bing’s told us last week when we asked that the feature would be rolled out over a couple of weeks. So if you don’t have it, hang in there.

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