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Easy Ways To Keep Up With The Search News

We publish a huge amount of search marketing and search engine-related news here on Search Engine Land. I thought it was worth a reminder on the best ways to keep up with it all.

You could, of course, come back to Search Engine Land throughout the day to see the latest news articles, briefs, columns and feature stories that are listed on our home page. If that works for you, please, carry on!

Read Our Columns!

Search Engine Land about 20 wonderful columns from talented writers covering a range of search marketing and social media topics. You can subscribe to any of these via email and have the entire column sent to you, when published. Check them all out here.

Take The RSS Feed!

Search Engine Land also puts out an RSS Feed, which you’ll find here. Subscribe to that feed, and when something new hits the site, you’ll get a notification about it. You can also easily add the feed to several online newsreaders, such as Google Reader, using the buttons here.

Get Us On Google Buzz

Beyond RSS, we also provide alerts through a variety of social media sites. Over at Google Buzz, you can follow our account, SearchEngineLandBuzz, and get alerted to every new item that we post.

Look For Us At LinkedIn!

Over at LinkedIn, our Search Engine Land group is a 15,000 person community where you can post discussion items, job opportunities and keep up on our latest news. Each of our items published flows into the group as an alert.

Fan Us On Facebook!

On Facebook, our Search Engine Land fan page has nearly 14,000 people who choose to keep up with the latest news we publish that way. Become a fan, and then you’ll get some of our items flowing into your news feed.

Want to see all of our stories in your news feed? There’s no way that we or anyone with a fan page on Facebook can make that happen. However, if you comment on or “Like” some of the items that you do see, those actions help tell Facebook that you’d like to see more from our fan page. So hit that Like button!

Follow Us On Twitter!

On Twitter, we send out every item that we publish when it goes live. Nearly 30,000 people follow our sengineland account on Twitter. Join them, and you’ll be keeping up!

We also know that it’s easy to miss things on Twitter, especially if we have a story that goes live at an odd time. That’s why our account also puts out “second chance” tweets. Most stories will hit our Twitter feed twice, well spaced out from the original tweet, to help ensure that you don’t miss anything. Some selected big stories or features that you wouldn’t want to miss may get tweeted several times over the course of a week or two.

Get Our SearchCap Newsletter!

Prefer to have a daily update on all the search news, rather than be alerted to when it happens? That’s what our SearchCap newsletter is designed for. Subscribe to it, either via email or through RSS here, and you’ll get a daily rundown on all the major stories we have posted to Search Engine Land.

In addition, you’ll get a summary of all the hot items from our Sphinn internet marketing news site. Finally, our hard-working news editor Barry Schwartz reviews content from hundreds of sites each day to compile headlines of the most interesting stuff he finds about search and search marketing from across the web. Sign-up here.

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