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Connecticut Attorney General Threatens Legal Action Over Google WiFi Data

Connecticut’s outgoing Attorney General says legal action is a possibility after Google refused to turn over personal data that it’s collected via unsecured wifi networks.

Richard Blumenthal tells the Wall Street Journal that he’s “disappointed” by Google’s decision not to respond to recent demands to review data that Google collected from Connecticut businesses and residences. “We will review any information we receive and consider whether additional enforcement steps — including possible legal action — are warranted,” Blumenthal told the WSJ on Friday.

Google has maintained all along that its collection of personal data over wireless networks was accidental. It’s also agreed to let other countries review the actual data that was collected, making today’s refusal to give the same access to Connecticut authorities something of a surprise.

Blumenthal has been leading a 38-state coalition that continues to investigate Google’s wifi data collection.

For more background on these issues, see our article, Google Maps Privacy: The Street View & Wifi Scorecard.

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