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Confirmed: Google's New Search Analytics Search Console API Now Available


As we covered last night, Google did officially announce this morning the launch of the new Search Analytics API for the Search Console.

The Search Analytics API gives webmasters a way to program their tools and reporting directly with the data found in the new Search Analytics report.

The technical documentation for the new API can be found here.

You can query your search traffic data with filters and parameters that you define within the API. The method will return rows of data grouped by the row keys (dimensions), but you must define a date range of one or more days. When date is one of the dimensions, any days without data are omitted from the result list. The results are sorted by click count descending, but when two rows have the same click count, they are sorted in an arbitrary way, Google says.

Google provided the following examples of data you can pull:

Again, you can access the Search Analytics API over here.

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