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ComScore: One In Four Have Smartphones In US

Online metrics firm comScore released some new (October) data about the US mobile market. One of the headlines is: 60.7 million people in the US own smartphones. That, according to comScore, is 25 percent of the total mobile subscriber base.

Android continues to be the largest gainer on a percentage basis among the major smartphone platforms. RIM remains in the lead, though it’s share has slipped.

Compare the numbers from December, 2009:

Apple is in roughly the same position it was a year ago, while everyone else is down except Android/Google. These figures don’t reflect absolute numbers but market share percentages. These data don’t yet reflect what if any impact on Windows Phone sales the new OS has had.

Below is the list of mobile content access and activities In October according to comScore:

Now compare December, 2009:

In each category the numbers are higher across the board, by varying degrees.

Recently, by contrast, Nielsen reported that 29.7 percent of US mobile subscribers own smartphones. The company also showed quite a different market share picture vs. comScore, with Apple and RIM tied for leadership.

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