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Can Google Real Time Search Have Its Own Home Page Now?

Google’s Real Time Search is awesome. I’d love to point more people at it, but I can’t. That’s because unlike many other specialized Google search services, Google Real Time Search doesn’t have its own home page. That sucks, and it’s time to change.

Want to search for images on Google? Head over here to Google Image Search. Videos? Here’s Google Video Search. Books? Google Book Search. Heck, even Google Patent Search has its own home page. I can point readers at any of these with a simple URL. But to point them at Google Real Time Search, I have to explain things. Painfully. Like:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Search for something
  3. Look on the left side of the screen, in the new Search Options section
  4. Click on the “Updates” link or the “More” option to get to Updates, if you don’t see it
  5. Now you’re getting results from Google Real Time Search


  1. Go to Google Trends
  2. Look for the “Hot Topics” section at the bottom left part of the page
  3. Find the “More Hot Topics” search box
  4. Search for something to get Google Real Time Search results

This is stupid. It’s time for Google to put Google Real Time Search out on something like realtime.google.com or social.google.com or whatever. But get it done. If Bing can manage to put its real time / social search service on a dedicated page, Google can do the same.

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