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Campaign creation, search trends and performance insights explanations arrive on Google Ads mobile app

Advertisers can now create campaigns, review Search trends and view more explanations with performance insights in the Google Ads mobile app, the company announced Friday.

Why we care. The new mobile app features enable greater flexibility for SMBs and PPC practitioners to keep tabs on their campaigns or make adjustments from anywhere.

Search trends on mobile can enable advertisers to quickly identify popular searches that may be relevant to their business. And, advertisers can immediately act on that information since they’re now able to create campaigns within the mobile app.

And, the performance insights explanations can help advertisers identify the causes behind performance fluctuations, even the positive fluctuations. This can help them understand what worked so that they can repeat those tactics in the future.

Create campaigns from anywhere. Advertisers can now create Search campaigns directly in the Google Ads mobile app by tapping the plus icon on the bottom-right of their screen, as shown below.

The campaign creation workflow in the Google Ads mobile app. Image: Google.

Advertisers can select a campaign type, where they would like their ads to appear as well as adjust other campaign settings.

Search trends in the mobile app. This feature shows advertisers trends insights for products and services relevant to their business. Tapping on a Search trend shows popular searches associated with that particular trend — a grocery store might see a trend for “pies & tarts” with growing searches for “pumpkin pie,” Google provided as an example. 

Search trends in the Google Ads mobile app. Image: Google.

Advertisers can create custom notifications to alert them when new search trends are relevant to their account. And, recommendations may also accompany search trends.

More explanations in performance insights. Advertisers can now see explanations based on changes to their bid and budget strategies as well as shifts in search interest. Performance insights for positive performance changes are also now available.

Performance insights explanations in the Google Ads mobile app. Image: Google.

Recommendations may also appear in your performance insights as well.

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