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Built on GA4, Google announces the new Analytics 360

On Thursday, Google announced a revamped version of Analytics 360, the company’s suite of products designed for enterprise-level companies, which builds on Google Analytics 4 as a foundation. The new features include the ability to create product line sub-properties, custom user roles and larger caps on dimensions, audiences and conversion types.

New collaborative capabilities. In the new Analytics 360, advertisers can create product line sub-properties and customize their settings. This can be especially useful for larger advertisers operating with teams in various countries, for example. Those sub-properties can then be linked to the Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform accounts that are associated with the campaigns running in those countries.

Additionally, advertisers will be able to create user roles to control feature access for certain groups of users. These custom user roles can be assigned to reporting collections (groups of reports based on topics, such as customer acquisition). Custom user roles and user-assigned reporting collections will be rolling out to all Analytics 360 accounts in the coming months.

Bigger dimension, audience and conversion type limits. This iteration of Analytics 360 will have a limit of up to 125 custom dimensions, 400 audiences and 50 conversion types.

Why we care. Google Analytics 4 is the company’s vision for the future of analytics, and the new Analytics 360 is that same vision, but for enterprise-level organizations. The features Google announced emphasize flexibility and scalability, which may help the tool meet the needs of more businesses.

With regard to the specific features in the announcement, the ability to create product line sub-properties and custom user roles enables advertisers to share only the desired data and access with certain teams in their organization or agencies they may be partnering with. And, higher limits on conversion types, custom dimensions and audiences may help make Analytics 360 a suitable option for businesses with sophisticated campaigns.

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