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Bing Webmaster Tools Enables HTML5 Interface

I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable this morning that Bing Webmaster Tools no longer requires Silverlight. Now, if you login to Bing Webmaster Tools without Silverlight installed on your computer, you can see all the reports, graphs and charts that you were unable to see days ago.

In July 2010, Bing revamped Webmaster Tools adding some additional reports and information but did not remove the requirement of having Silverlight to view the detailed reports. Vanessa Fox said this was a major draw back to the tool since “most of the data is available only graphically, and not as a download, without Silverlight, you basically can’t use Bing Webmaster Tools at all.”

Now with the new HTML5 support, all this wonderful data is now available to any modern browser – with or without Silverlight.

We knew Bing was working on dropping or supplementing Silverlight with HTML5. In fact, they have been pushing HTML5 on Bing Search.

Bing has yet to announce this but I suspect they will soon.

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