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Bing To Add Link Reports To Webmaster Tools & Google Adds More Data To Query Reports

Yesterday at SMX East the Bing Webmaster Center team announced new features for their Webmaster Tools. The new features include the link report that went missing when they relaunched Bing Webmaster Tools and a feature called Link Explorer. And today, Google quietly added percent change data to the query reports in Webmaster Tools.

The new link report shows links gained and lost over time. It also shows you where the links came from and you can even export them. Here is a pretty hard to see pictures I took of the Link Report on my iPhone during the presentation yesterday at SMX.

Bing Webmaster Center Link Report

They also added a feature called Link Explorer which shows you what Bing sees in terms of how they crawl your site. You can see additional details about all your URLs, you can request Bing to recrawl them and even block them. Here are some bad screen shots:

Bing Webmaster Center Link Explorer
Bing Webmaster Center Link Explorer

We hope to have a more in-depth review of the new tools after the SMX show.

Google also updated their tools while at SMX. They precent change data and rank change data to the relatively new query reports. Here is a screen shot:

google query percent

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