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Bing Tiles: Interactive Images In Search Results

Like Google’s rich snippets and Yahoo’s Search Monkey, Bing is introducing a new flavor of richer search results named “Tiles.” Tiles are interatice logos or images displayed next to a search result. The tiles can share data in a more graphical way, such as a call to actions for downloading files, watching movies, movie ratings, restaurant ratings and more.

Currently the Tiles program is a beta program being tested with some webmasters. Microsoft plans on announcing more details of the program at SMX West. A Microsoft spokesperson told us:

“We are always looking at new ways to improve the Bing user experience and today we began testing “Tiles”. A tile is an interactive logo or image displayed next to a search result that helps people easily identify a trusted site and make faster, more informed decisions. We are initially partnering with approximately forty-five content providers to test tiles focused on entertainment, local, travel and auto.”

Here are some screen shots of Bing Tiles in action:

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