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Bing now lets you search local stores

Microsoft Bing now lets you search local stores using map search for local inventory, or to buy online or pick up in the store. We confirmed with Microsoft that these features are indeed new and not being re-announced for the holiday shopping season.

You can search Bing or on Bing Maps for specific stores, by category or product or even by topic.

What it looks like. Here is a GIF of this in action:

Microsoft said shoppers can quickly find items they need nearby and local merchants benefit from these features by getting their products in front of customers. These local merchants can let shoppers know what their product focus is and become go-to options for their specialty products, Microsoft said.

You may be able to get your store’s inventory in Bing local results by using product markup and also Bing Places local inventory ads.

Why we care. Here is yet another way to get your store and store inventory in front of Bing searchers. More visibility for local merchants from local customers can be very important to both the customer and the merchant right before the holidays.

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