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Bing Makes Gains In Search Advertising Share: Report

Echoing recent stats that show Bing slowly growing its search engine market share, a new report says Bing is also increasing its share of search ad spending and clicks. The news comes from the latest quarterly report written by Efficient Frontier, a search marketing agency that manages more than $900 million in digital spending annually.

The Efficient Frontier report says Bing’s click share rose to 5.5%, and its spend share rose to 6.5% in Q1 2010, a 45% increase in both from Q1 2009. Travel was very strong for Bing with 9.1% of spend share, up 160% from a year ago.


As the charts above show, Yahoo’s click share fell from 24.2% in Q1 2009 to 20.5% now, and spend share dropped from 21.3% last year to 18.7% in Q1 2010 — those are 15% and 12% declines, respectively.

Google continues to hold a 74-75% share in both clicks and spending.

Industry-wide, the news and outlook is very good. Efficient Frontier says overall Q1 2010 search advertising spend was up 20% over Q1 2009. The company says impressions are already up in every sector, so it now expects search marketing growth in 2010 of 20%, up from earlier 10-15% projections.

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