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Bing It? "Bring It," Says Google

I got a chuckle out of this on Google. Do a search for bing it, and Google comes back with a suggestion of “bring it.” Is Google telling Bing to bring it on?

It’s all automated, of course. This is just Google’s spelling correction kicking in. Many more people are likely typing in “bring it” than “bing it,” so Google’s trying to do the right thing and help them. But it’s still funny to me.

Over at Ask, the same thing happens there:

So see, it’s not just Google being mean to Bing.

Yahoo also does something similar. It brings back results for for both “bring it” and “bing it” mixed together, along with an option for the searcher to get only “bing it” results:

What about Bing itself? No suggestion there that the searcher might want “bring it” rather than “bing it,” as you can see:

I suppose that makes sense. More people at Bing who enter “bing it” might really mean that rather than “bring it.”

Does anyone actually say Bing It? Yes, a few actually do. Our Yes, People Do Say “Bing It” — Barely story from last month covers this in more depth. Not many, but it is a term that some people are saying — and perhaps searching on.

Of course, many more people say “Google It.” How’s that play out at Bing? Just fine — its lists Google tops, with no special suggestions.

That’s not the case with Yahoo, which shoves a box encouraging you to “get straight to your answers here with Yahoo! Search” above Google’s listing (the same thing happens if you just search for “google,” as well):

Why’s Yahoo listing Google Italy rather than the main Google site? The “It” part of “Google It” is probably being interpreted as a search for www.google.it, the Italian version of Google.

Ask plays straight with a search for “google it,” but if you search for Google, it tries to keep you there like Yahoo does:

Yahoo’s done this type of thing in the past (see “You Could Go To Google,” Says Yahoo — But Why Not Stay Here?). To its credit, Bing — in a search for Google there — doesn’t try to convince you to Bing It instead.

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