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Bing Hits All-Time Market Share High In November, comScore Says

After several months of slow growth, Bing reached an all-time high market share of 11.8% in November 2010. That’s according to the latest report from comScore.

For the month, Bing gained three-tenths of a percent from October, while both Google and Yahoo saw negligible declines.


Before November, Bing’s previous high was 11.7% market share back in March 2010. As you can see from the chart below (compiled by Citi analysts), Bing’s market share has ranged from 10.8% to 11.5% since then.


Perhaps more important than Bing’s standalone share is its combined market share with Yahoo’s distribution included. comScore pegs that at 28.1% in November. For comparison, it was 28.6% back in March of this year.

Also of note from comScore’s report is a drop in overall search activity. The company says there were a little more than 16 billion explicit searches in November, down 4% from 16.6 billion in October.

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