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Bing Set To Advertise During Golden Globe Awards

bing-logoMicrosoft is set to run a pair of television ads during Sunday’s broadcast of the Golden Globe awards, according to the Seattle PI.

Bing is, of course, no stranger to TV advertising and marketing in general — what with that $80 million marketing war chest and all back on day one. But the commercials that will air Sunday are different from what you’ve seen before; they’re “not very search-y,” as we might say around the SEL water cooler.

There are two ads: one for Bing and one for Windows Phone 7. Both play on the Bing “decision engine” idea by having aspiring actors explain why they decided to get into acting, followed by a message that “pre-congratulates the Golden Globe winners of tomorrow.”

The ads also share Microsoft’s new slogan, “Be what’s next.”

Microsoft has been pushing Bing on television since it launched in 2009. We compiled several of the TV ads last year. There was also the clever Daily Show tie-in and the not-so-clever Hulu Bing-a-thon.

Postscript: Almost simultaneous to our post here about the TV ads, Bing was announcing several Golden Globes-related search features, including a special Instant Answer, a Visual Search Gallery, and more.

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