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Bing Maps Goes To The Mall

It looks like the Bing Maps team has been spending a lot of time at the mall lately, because they’ve gone and mapped out about two dozen US malls — 19 of which are in Bing’s home state of Washington! It’s part of a new feature called, obviously, mall maps. It basically takes one of those mall directories you see inside the mall and puts it online via Bing Maps, like this image of the Roosevelt Field Mall in New York state.


What’s not obvious from the image is that a lot of the individual stores showing there are clickable, and clicking brings up basic contact information, along with a link to the stores’ business page on Bing Maps — some of which include store hours and additional information.

There’s a list on Bing’s blog post of the existing 22 mall maps that are being previewed now in Washington state (mostly), New York state (2), and Massachusetts (1). Bing says additional mall maps will be added in the future, focusing initially on the biggest malls and most populous cities.

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