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Bing Continues Growth, Ad Impressions & Clicks Way Up: Report

Ad impressions and ad clicks are rising steadily on Bing, while remaining flat or declining on both Google and Yahoo. That’s according to the latest quarterly report (available tomorrow) from search marketing agency Efficient Frontier. The report, which covers Q2 of 2010, also offers positive news about the overall growth and recovery of search advertising in general.

Efficient Frontier says ad impressions on Bing are up 56% compared to Q2 of 2009, while impressions on both Google and Yahoo have declined slightly compared to one year ago.


Ad clicks on Bing are also up substantially from Q2 of 2009, while clicks on Google and Yahoo have declined, the report says.


Those figures are good news for Bing, certainly, and for advertisers who are awaiting the Bing-Yahoo merger to create a solid second option after Google. Google continued to hold 75% of both spend share and click share in Q2 of 2010, the report says. Bing’s spend share rose slightly and its click share dropped a tenth of a percent; Yahoo saw small declines in both spend share and click share.

The Efficient Frontier report also has good new about the search advertising industry as a whole. Year-over-year spending was up 24% in Q2 of 2010, and up almost 10% from the previous quarter. The retail industry led this growth, with a 38% rise in spending year-over-year.

Efficient Frontier is a search marketing agency that manages more than $900 million in digital spending per year around the world.

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