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Automated Rules For AdWords Released For All Accounts

Set it and forget it AdWords? Um, no. But Google announced changes today to roll out its AdWords automated rules, in limited release since December, which it says will help make things just a little less manual. Maybe you could even take a day off.

Automated rules let advertisers set up certain actions — pausing ads, enabling ads, raising bids, and the like — in advance, to be triggered by certain events. For example, an ad could get set to go live on a Sunday night, just when the offer it promotes goes into effect. Or the system could automatically check every morning whether it was displaying in the top three positions on the previous day. If not, it could automatically raise the bid price by 10%. In general, automated rules can be used to change status, bid price or budget.

Rules can run once, daily, weekly, or monthly, and each user on an account can have up to 10 rules.

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