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Ask.com In 2010: Now Giving Answers

Less than a month ago, we reported that Ask.com was giving up on search technology (see: Ask.com To Focus On Q&A Search, End Web Crawling, opting to return to its roots as a Question & Answer site. Now, Ask.com’s sending off the year (and their search offering) for good (maybe) by releasing the first ever list of Top 10 questions and answers since their beta Q&A community officially launched back in July.

Ask.com’s Top 10 Questions – and Answers – of 2010

  1. What is the best coffee under $10?

    Users say: Dunkin Donuts
  2. Are the new mini net books any good?

    Users say: Go with an iPad
  3. Where should I propose to my girlfriend?

    Users say: Take her where you went on your first date
  4. What’s the best cure for a stuffy nose?

    Users say: Hot shower and Vicks Vapor Rub
  5. What is the best child-friendly sushi?

    Users say: California Rolls, but Unagi and Ebi are also great choices
  6. As a beginner, is it worth paying for expensive ski boots?

    Users say: No, cut your teeth on some cheap ones
  7. What kind of dog should I get?

    Users say: Either a Boxer or a Lab
  8. What are the best websites for travel deals?

    Users say: Kayak.com and Travelzoo
  9. Do you have to peel apples when making homemade apple pie?

    Users say: Absolutely
  10. What’s the best new TV show?

    Users say: The Big Bang Theory

But “search” hasn’t officially left Ask.com yet – as users (according to ComScore October 2010 – 90 million monthly unique users) keep the service as the fourth largest Internet property for unique searches, and those dedicated users continued to ask these questions via search. In addition to selectively using its web crawling technology, Ask.com is outsourcing web search results as well, to supplement its own database of answers.

Let’s just hope that between them, the 2011 version of Ask can serve up the best answers for those really pressing questions, such as “Can men get breast cancer? “(The answer is YES) and “Does Justin Bieber have a girlfriend?” (Here’s a related question: who cares if Justin Bieber has a GF?) Hopefully, less than 90 million users. Nonetheless, here’s the list of most asked questions on Ask in 2010:

Top Celebrity & Entertainment Questions On Ask.com

  1. How old is Justin Bieber?
  2. Who is Taylor Swift dating?
  3. Does Justin Bieber have a girlfriend?
  4. How old is Kim Kardashian?
  5. Who is the highest paid teen star?
  6. Is Lady Gaga a man?
  7. What is Slash’s real name?
  8. Is Nicki Minaj gay?
  9. Is Beyonce pregnant?
  10. Is Demi Lovato in rehab?

Top Technology/Internet Questions On Ask.com

  1. What is the best brand of laptop?
  2. What is the best online game for iPod Touch?
  3. What is the best iPhone app?
  4. Is Apple coming out with the iPhone 5?
  5. Which is best: AT&T, Verizon or Sprint?
  6. What is an RSS feed?
  7. How do I create my own website?
  8. Is there a website where I can watch free movies online?
  9. What is the best available smart phone?
  10. Where can I download free music?

Top Health & Fitness Questions On Ask.com

  1. How much should I weigh?
  2. How do I get pregnant?
  3. What’s the best treatment for a migraine headache?
  4. How long does it take to get out of shape?
  5. How long does marijuana stay in your system?
  6. What’s the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off?
  7. How many calories are in a pound?
  8. Can men get breast cancer?
  9. What causes hiccups?
  10. What are the symptoms of the swine flu?

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