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App advertisers can now use App campaigns for engagement without implementing deep links

App advertisers are no longer required to implement deep linking to run App campaigns for engagement, Google Ads announced Monday. As a new option, advertisers can select “Set to app homepage” during ad group creation to direct users to the app homepage.

Image: Google.

Why we care

Implementing deep links typically means getting developer support, which may be a limited resource in your organization. This new option enables app advertisers to utilize App campaigns for engagement without having to request that support, which may mean that your campaign can get off the ground faster. Deep linking, however, remains useful as it enables this ad type to take users to a specific part of your app, which may translate to better conversion rates than simply sending them to the app homepage.

More on App campaigns for engagement

  • App campaigns for engagement are designed to target an app’s existing users to bring them back to the app and foster loyalty and engagement.
  • To use this campaign type, advertisers must provide text, images, video and designate a starting bid and budget. Google Ads’ automation then designs a variety of ads in different formats. These ads can appear across Google Search, YouTube, Google Play and within other apps on the Google Display Network.
  • App campaigns for engagement were first announced in March 2019 and rolled out globally in December 2020.

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