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Announcing the Search Engine Land Mentorship Program for SEO and PPC

Only 2% of SEO or PPC professionals took traditional classes to learn search marketing, according to an informal Twitter poll I issued this week. The other 98% of us learned in trial by fire (hands-on), took DIY courses, or had a mentor to help us along the way. 

That last one is often key in helping many search marketers level up in the industry.

Mentorship is not only beneficial to the mentees, but to everyone involved. In fact, 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence, according to research from Moving Ahead.

87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence.

This is why we’re excited to launch the application for the Search Engine Land Mentorship Program in partnership with SEO mainstay Eric Enge (who will mentor one lucky applicant, too!). Inspired by other successful programs in the space (big shoutout to Women in Tech SEO), this Mentorship Program is open to applicants in both SEO and PPC. 

How will it work? Here are the details:

  • Applications for both mentors and mentees are officially open today. 
  • Applications close Friday, July 2 at 5pm ET.
  • If chosen for this round, you will be notified of your match by July 9. (Unfortunately, not everyone will make it to be a mentor or a mentee this round due to how small we want to keep this cohort. You can apply again in future cohorts!)
  • You’ll commit to 2 hours per month with your mentor/mentee (split up how you choose: You can meet 2 hours once a month, 1 hour twice a month, or weekly for 30 minutes, etc.).
  • The program will run from August through October 2021.
  • We’ll have regular check-ins with the program coordinator via email.
  • You must agree to our Code of Conduct.

Along with the opportunity to be mentored by experts in SEO and PPC, mentees will receive tickets to attend SMX Next. And mentors will be able to join in a panel discussion at the event on how to be a coach/mentor in search marketing.

If you’re ready to teach the next generation in search or learn from the best, we encourage you to apply!

Apply now

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