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All Google Analytics Users Now Get New Version

Google has released the latest version of Analytics to all users, introducing a completely redesigned interface, multiple customizable dashboards, event goals, more powerful custom reports, and a search term cloud visualization. When users log into Google Analytics, they can access version 5 by clicking on “New Version” at the top right of the page. (Toggling back and forth between versions will be possible for now.)

Google announced the new version, as a closed beta, back in March.

The company also promised new features “coming soon,” including the ability to export reports to PDF and e-mail reports. Currently, users aren’t able to migrate a custom report from the current version of Analytics to the new version, but that’s promised, as well. Linking a new AdWords or AdSense account is coming, as is in-page analytics, according to Google.

Besides the general snazzier, faster interface, the multiple dashboards feature is probably the most useful of the current additions, allowing site owners to develop a dashboard for each person, or department, involved with a site, given that they each may have different metrics they’re most interested in tracking. Users can now create up to 20 custom dashboards, with up to 12 widgets per dashboard.

Additionally, event-based goals — such as downloads or interactions — is a powerful addition. Google has long offered URL and engagement goals. With the new feature, one could keep track of every time a PDF white paper was downloaded, and even assign different values to white papers based upon the business value of each download. Users can also use this feature to see how many minutes a site visitor viewed a video.

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