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AdWords Homepage Gets More Modular, Customizable

Google has redesigned the homepage for its AdWords advertiser interface in an effort to bring more relevant, customized information up front for marketers.

The main change for the “home” tab is that advertisers can create their own modules based on saved filters created on the campaign interface. Filters let advertisers identify problems with their campaigns, including low-performing keywords, keywords that don’t appear on the homepage, ads that aren’t showing, or keywords that are high-cost but low-performing. Modules displaying the result of the saved filters can be placed on the homepage — Google has placed a few examples by default.

The modules created on the Web will also carry over to the mobile AdWords interface.

“While the Account Snapshot provided helpful functionality to advertisers looking to get a quick overview of account performance, we heard feedback that it was not customizable or actionable enough,” says an AdWords FAQ on the homepage change. “For example, many advertisers requested links from the Account Snapshot statistics into the relevant pages on the Campaigns tab. Others wanted to see more detailed snippets of information in available modules.”

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