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Ads Creative Studio’s Asset Library is coming to Google Ads

Advertisers have reported a new Asset Library within Google Ads. “Asset Library, as it exists in Ads Creative Studio, is coming into Google Ads,” a Google spokesperson confirmed to Search Engine Land.

Tip of the hat to Brett Bodofsky for first bringing this to our attention.

Google Ads Creative Studio asset libraryGoogle Ads Creative Studio asset library
The Asset Library within Ads Creative Studio. Image: Google.

Why we care

The Asset Library may enable advertisers to improve their workflows. For example, you could upload an image and then reuse that image in different campaigns. Additionally, it can be used to make any Standard Rich Media creative dynamic by switching out images or videos while the campaign is live. The Asset Library can also be used to host dynamic assets and reference them from within your dynamic feed.

More about the news

  • The Asset Library is currently in closed beta; Google has not announced when it will roll out to more advertisers.
  • The Asset Library will display any existing image assets the advertiser has in their account. From this view, advertisers can choose to search among existing assets or create new assets.
  • The Asset Library was first introduced with the launch of Ads Creative Studio, which unifies tools previously found across YouTube, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360, in June 2021.

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