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Up To 25% Of Yahoo's Search Results Now Powered By Bing

Right now, up to 25% of the Yahoo Search results are powered by Bing. Yahoo began testing Bing search results this month, currently there are live bucket tests underway on both the organic and paid side.

Mark Morrissey, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Yahoo, told me that while only 3.5% of the paid ads are being powered by Bing in their tests, up to 25% of the organic results can be powered by Bing. Yes, up to 25% of the time you go to Yahoo and conduct a search, it can be a Bing powered set of search results.

How would you know? You won’t necessarily see a “powered by Bing” on all the test results. Mark said that some of the test results will have the powered by on them, so Yahoo can test them with and without. But ultimately, when the switch over happens, all Yahoo Search results will be powered by Bing and contain the “powered by Bing” badge on the bottom of the page.

You can also check and compare Bing search results to Yahoo, to see if they match. Outside of that and maybe seeing a Bing logo, you wouldn’t know if Bing is powering Yahoo on your search results. But you do have up to a 25% shot at seeing real live Bing results on Yahoo.

The final transition date is still on target for the month of September or October.

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